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Our range of controls include those made by the largest suppliers in the coin-op industry, such as I-L and Suzo-Happ, plus our own in-house designs.  All of our joysticks are supplied to our specs for 4-8 way switching without any dismantling.
A word about 4-way and 8-way joysticks.
All our sticks can be used in 8-way or real 4-way mode as they are fitted with rotating restrictor plates (see pictures below). Don't confuse this with the "logical" 4-way operation of some 4-8 sticks with a reversible bush. When used in 4-way mode the bush on some types is designed to prevent two switches from being operated together in the corner positions. This doesn't really have any benefit in MAME anyway and has nothing to do with the feel of a real 4-way stick, which is a mechanical issue rather than electronic. In an original Pac-Man machine, for example, you would always find a proper 4-way stick with a restrictor plate so you can slide the stick across the diagonals rather than get stuck in the corners. All these 4 sticks are capable of reproducing this feel as they physically prevent the stick from being moved into the corners when in 4-way mode.
All types can be switched 4-8 way with one hand without the use of tools. You will need access to the back of the control panel (eg reach through the coin door) for all except the Mag-Stik Plus.
Bottom of Japanese sticksBottom of 1-hole stick
This picture shows the restrictor plates on the J-Stik, (left) and E-Stik (right).
Joystick Mounting.
The E-Stik simply requires one single hole for mounting.
The Mag-Stik and J-Stik can be mounted in a wood or metal panel. If wood, panels thicker than 1/2 inch need to be routed out if the stick us being mounted underneath, in order to maintain the stick length above the panel.
Alternatively these sticks can be mounted from the top of the panel. You will need to rout out a rectangular section to recess the faceplate. The faceplate, mounting bolts and plastic masking washer should all sit under a control panel overlay. The overlay just has one small hole for the joystick shaft.
Mag-Stik Plus Worlds only Magnetically Centered Joystick!
4-8 Way Switchable from top of the panel.
4-8 way joystick
The Mag-Stik is not centered by a spring but using an internal magnet. A light action gives the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity.
Also switches from 4 to 8 way mode from the top of the panel!
This is the only joystick in the world which can be switched over from 4 to 8 way from the top with no lever or other unsightly intrusion. Keeps the panel arcade-real but still gives the ability to play all 4 or 8 way games with the true feel of the correct mechanically-limited stick.
To switch: Pull out the stick against the spring pressure, continue pulling while rotating, until the mechanism engages, then turn anticlockwise for 8-way, or clockwise for 4-way. The stick clicks into position when turned 45 degrees. The mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way transition.
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Mag-Stick Plus
This stick has one outstanding feature (literally!): A "switch" on the side which changes from 4 to 8 way. The ingenious design of the mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way action.
Like the Mag-Stik Plus, above, this stick has a small travel compared to the J-Sticks, below.
Available in red, blue or black.
Mag-Stik Plus Ball-Top Click for Order Page
T-stik ball This might look like an ordinary "classic" ball-top joystick but it's far from ordinary! The first ball-top stick which is 4-8 way switchable from the top of the panel but looks identical to a classic stick. Genuine chrome-plated shaft for that authentic look. Supplied with black dust washer.
This is an optional extra replacement ball-top and shaft for the Mag-Stik Plus. Available in two lengths:
65mm (2 1/2 in) for top-mounting or 72mm (2 7/8 in) for under-panel mounting.
For colors available see order page.
E-Stik (Easy-mount stick) Click for Order Page
Single hole mount stick This stick has two special features. Firstly, it does not need a panel overlay or a "neat" hole. This is because it has it's own fascia panel and simply mounts through one single hole througn a solid panel. This can save a lot of work during panel-cutting as it mounts just like a button!
Another feature: the switch-plate can be rotated 45 degrees for games such as Q-Bert! Or for a more permanent 45 degree mounting, the entire joystick can be rotated.
This stick has a medium spring pressure and medium travel.
A 4-8 way restrictor plate is fitted of course. Available in red, blue or black.
J-Stik (Japanese) Ball-Top (Sanwa JLW-TM-8 type) Click for Order Page
sanwa jlw-tm-8 These two Japanese-style sticks are similar to the type used in most Japanese cabinets such as the Sega Naomi and other modern cabs. They have a light spring pressure for really fast movements. Our version has easy 4-8 way switching added.
The travel on these is longer (same as Happ super). Another nice feature is the long switch actuators which allow exact "tuning" of the switch sensitivity with careful use of long-nosed pliers. Operates in 8-way or true 4-way mode by rotating the restrictor. Our design comprises retaining springs which apply adjustable pressure to hold the restrictor plate in place. 
Available in red only but note all the accessories for our Ultrastik 360 (ball tops, restrictors, long handles) will fit these sticks. Note these are not the same as the standard Sanwa stick as ours have 4-8 way switching without the use of tools.
J-Stik (Japanese) Oval Top (Sanwa JLW-UM-8 type) Click for Order Page
sanwa jlw-um-8 Another Japanese stick, identical to above, but with an oval instead of ball top.
Available in red and black.
Ultrastik 360 Click for Order Page
Analog joystick This very special joystick has its own information page.
ServoStik Click for Order Page
Servostik Motorized joystick. See information page
Ikari style 12-way Rotary Upgrade Click for Order Page
Ikari Joystick This is an upgrade kit which fits our Servostik or J-Stik and converts the stick into an Ikari-Warriors style rotary stick.
This type of stick has 12 detent positions around the rotation.
The USB connection sends configurable keycodes or Gamepad buttons which are issued once for each of the 12 clicks.
See Information and installation instructions
Illuminated handles for J-Stik, ServoStik Click for Order Page
illuminated joystick top This RGB illuminated handle is a complete, assembled unit consisting of:
Ball top
Genuine polished chrome-plated handle (not dull stainless steel)
RGB Inverted cone LED for all-round even illumination
Rotational connector allows continours handle rotation without wiring breakage
Wiring with connector for PacLED64 and I-PAC Ultimate I/O Board.
Euro-Stik Click for Order Page
eurostik This is a standard European type stick from Industrias Lorenzo, Note this is an 8-way stick. Available in black, red, blue.
MiniGrip Stick Click for Order Page
Minigrip trigger joystick This is a very cool trigger joystick with an additional top-rear mounted button together with a front trigger. This is much more compact than large flight sticks, measuring 120mm high (4.7 inches). This is an 8-way stick.
Joystick "Blind Hole" Mounting kits
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joystick mounting kit No more coach-bolt heads spoiling your panel!
These kits contain inserts which are designed for use in 5/8 or 3/4 inch wood.  A hole is drilled in the panel but not all the way through, and then the inserts are wound in using a hex key.
Available in 2 sizes, 6mm suitable for Mag-Stik and 5mm suitable for all other joysticks.
You will need a 1/4 in hex key (6mm) for the large size inserts or a 3/16 in key (5mm) for the small size.

Illuminated Pushbuttons
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Illuminated pushbuttons Full details here
Classic Pushbuttons Click for Order Page
arcade pushbuttons
Pushbuttons in 6 colours with high-gloss dished surface. These are long type micro-switch buttons for panels up to 20mm thick (3/4 in). Non-illuminated type.
These pushbuttons are sourced from Suzo-Happ.

Also available with Start 1 and Start 2 logos.
ClassicRGB Buttons Click for Order Page
RGB LED Pushbuttons Classic pushbuttons as avove but with integral RGB LED illumination. With harness and connector for our PacLED64 controller.
GoldLeaf Buttons Click for Order Page
Leaf switch pushbuttons No-Click high-performance buttons with gold-plated switch contacts.
Full details here
GoldLeaf RGB Buttons Click for Order Page
RGB Pushbuttons Full Goldleaf performance but with RGB full-color illumination! At last no performance sacrifice for lit pushbutton.
Full details here
Wiring kit Click for Order Page
wiring kit Wiring kit containing everything you need to wire joysticks and buttons to an interface.
Black wire: 4 Metres for ground.
10 other colours: 2 metres of each colour
Crimp and strip tool.
100 crimp connectors
Cable ties.
Trackball Click for Order Page
arcade trackball The unique Ultimarc U-Trak trackball. For full details of this revolutionary trackball click here.
trackball A High Quality 2 1/4 inch (57mm) Trackball assembly. Uses a heavyweight solid (non-translucent) "pool ball" type ball with ball bearing mounted rollers. Same hole mounting pattern as Happ trackballs. Supplied with wiring harnesses for connection to Opti-PAC.
NOTE these trackballs have grease-packed bearings and as such have a "bedding-in" period. To shortcut this, remove the 3 screws and lift out ball and shafts. Pull off bearings and soak in WD40.
See Opti-PAC pages for connection info.
Available with white or red ball.
trackball mounting plate Mounting plate for above trackball. Finished in black hammerite. Allows quick and neat mounting of the 2 1/4 in trackball into panel, with no visible screw-heads etc on the top surface. Especially recommended for wood panels where trackball mounting is difficult. Supplied with all mounting screws and nuts.
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   IMPORTANT The coin-op parts below are NOT sold for use in emulation cabinets. We do not condone the use of any emulator or ROMs in revenue-earning situations. Not only is this an infringement of copyright but is against the intentions of the emulator developers who gave their services for free.
coin mech
NEW: These cabinet parts can be ordered on our
COIN mech. This amazing coin mechanism works on a comparative principle. The coin to be used is clipped into the back of the mech. Then all inserted coins are compared against this coin, and validated.
The mech needs a 12 volt supply.
It is supplied with:
Chrome mounting screws
Connecting cable
Zener diode which must be connected for use with 5 volt devices.
See Control Diagram Page for details
COIN DOOR: Finished in black Hammerite. fits an aperture 8.5 inches wide X 7.5 inches tall.
LOCK: Can be used with cabinet panels up to 1 inch thick. Note for use with thinner panels, a packing piece will need to be employed on the back of the panel for the lock to act against. Note that all locks ordered at the same time will have the same key number.
Marquee Illumination Kit
Cabinet Marquee Illumination Kit. Consists of two 500mm LED strips with self-adhesive backing, jumper cable and 1.5m connection cable. Requires 12 volt input, which can be taken from JAMMA power supply or PC power supply, eg from a disk drive power connector.
These will not stick to a porous surface so its recommended to paint the inside of the marquee box white.