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WinIPAC Version 2

Compatible with I-PAC Ultimate I/O, I-PAC 2, I-PAC 4, Mini-PAC, J-PAC. (2015-16 boards only).

Winipac V2

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Latest firmware files for all 2015-onwards I-PAC, Mini-PAC and J-PAC boards plus all Ultimate I/O boards regardless of date.
NOTE: Attempting to upgrade a pre-2015 board which this firmware will render it inoperable.

1.22. Cures intermittent failure to send keycodes on some hosts.
1.23 Correct stuck shift on I-PAC 4. Extend Start1 pulse time. Following customer feedback this version reverts the self-test LED function to that of pre-2015 boards. The LED is ON when no error detected.
1.30 Correct false self-test failures (flashing LED at power on).
1.31 Correct various PacLink issues
1.32 Improved performance, reduce debounce timer value.
1.33 Remove scan of unused connections
1.34 Split version of game controller/no game controller support.
1.35 (UIO only) shift key pulse too long when LEDs active.
1.36 Gamepad-enabled firmware now appears as TWO gamepads.
1.37 (UIO only) Lockup during LED animations
1.38 Add variable de-bounce delay, selectable with 4 values in WinIPAC
1.39 Harmonize all versions, no functional changes.

Firmware with/without the Game Controller device.

Starting with version 34 there are separate firmware versions which have the game controller device present/not present.
Versions without game controller (ie with keyboard and mouse support) have the first version digit as "4" eg 1.44.
Versions with game controller (ie with gamepad button, keyboard and mouse support) have the first version digit as "3" eg 1.34.
Starting with version 1.36, gamepad-enabled firmware enables TWO gamepad devices, one for each player.
When changing versions it is necessary after the firmware change to locate the "composite device" under the USB Controllers entry in Device Manager and "Uninstall" this so that Windows can re-detect the new version correctly.

Click here to download all firmware versions with dual gamepad, keyboard, mouse, power/volume support (excl J-PAC)

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keyboard, mouse, power/volume support

New Beta Multi-Mode Firmware! Version 1.5x

This is a major new release which we will be rolling out for all board versions. Currently available for I-PAC 2

This new version features Xinput support, along with the traditional keyboard, mouse and multimedia controls, and DirectInput gamepad support.

A full description is available here: MultiMode Features

I-PAC 2 firmware here: IPAC2_150a.zip

Programming Utility for Mac


Thanks to John K. Morris of Evolution Interactive for this software
Click here to download the new version for Intel Macs
Click here to download the older PowerPC version.

Linux Utilities

Linux software utilities are available. These cover several of our products and are being added-to. Please note we are not able to provide direct support for these utilities:
Linux Library and command line utilities developed by Katie Snow

analog joystick
UltraMap Utility for Creating and Downloading Custom Maps
analog joystick

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We now have a Linux / OSX utility for downloading maps, thanks to Al Crate:  Here