Software for older boards

WinIPAC Interactive Panel Designer

Compatible with I-PAC, J-PAC and Mini-PAC boards supplied before 2015 and after (approx) 2004.

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Vista and Windows 7 Note: The program needs to be run as administrator (ie right-click "run as administrator")
Compatible with Vista and W7 32 and 64-bit.

"Legacy" Programming Utility for Windows

Compatible with older pre-2004 I-PAC and J-PAC boards
. Not for current boards.

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Programming Utility for Mac (pre 2015 boards)


Thanks to John K. Morris of Evolution Interactive for this software
Click here to download the new version for Intel Macs
Click here to download the older PowerPC version.

ArcadeVGA Drivers
 Use the files on the Ultimarc CD or we can supply drivers.
Quickres Utility.
This places an icon on the taskbar. Click on the Galaga ship to select any of the available resolutions. For Windows XP only. You can place a shortcut in the Startup group so this runs when Windows starts.
Tri-Sync Utility
New version also supports ArcadeVGA 3000
This overrides the built-in ArcadeVGA video modes for 640X480 and upwards. This allows the D9800 and other tri-sync monitors to display a 31Khz non-interlaced picture at these resolutions. For all Windows versions. Updated 12 Jan 2010. Use this only if you have a D9800, Betson Imperial or Hantarex Polo Star, or other tri-sync monitor.