Ultimarc Dreamcast Adaptors

Dreamcast Control Adaptor
Dreamcast Arcade Monitor Adaptor
Dreamcast to J-PAC adaptor

Note these adaptors are only available while stocks last as the Total Control Dreamcast adaptor is no longer manufactured.

Dreamcast Control Adaptor
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dreamcast arcade adaptor

This consists of two Total Control adaptors plus the PSX Control Adaptor

The Dreamcast Adaptor converts the output from the I-PAC or J-PAC (must be in PS/2 keyboard mode) into Dreamcast commands. The controls connected to the I-PAC emulate the controls on the D-C controller. Important Note: The D-C controller contains some analog controls, and your arcade control panel has switch-type controls. This means that pressing each switch simulates the analog control being pushed hard across. Some games (flight sims for example) cannot be played with switch-type controls.
This adaptor can also be used with a keyboard.

Hotkeys for Switching Modes
 Switch to Digital Mode Start1/P1 Up* ` (key below ESC)
Switch to Left Analog Mode Start1/P1 Left* Enter
Switch to Right Analog Mode Start1/P1 Right* Tab
Switch to 2 into 1 Mode Start1/P2 Down** F12

Dreamcast to Arcade Monitor/Speaker Adaptor
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This cable plugs into the Dreamcast AV port. It includes a video amplifier which boosts the video signal to the level required by arcade monitors. It also includes a sync separator circuit. You can also plug in a pair of amplified speakers for sound. IMPORTANT! This cable only works with 15Khz arcade monitors. It will NOT work with PC monitors. If your arcade monitor is a multi-frequency model (eg W-G D9500) and has a VGA connector then the J-PAC adaptor (below) is the best choice.

Playstation arcade adaptor

Dreamcast to JAMMA Adaptor
Includes a sync separator circuit
This adaptor is also the correct type for use with multi-frequency monitors which have a VGA plug (eg W-G D9500) These monitors should be connected direct to this adaptor in all cases, even if you have a J-PAC

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To connect an PS to a JAMMA cabinet you need the following items:
D-C Controls Adaptor
D-C to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor
J-PAC with PS/2 keyboard cable option. see our main order page for this item.
IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: When connecting this cable to the J-PAC you need to remove all of the frequency jumpers (ie 15, 25, 31) on the J-PAC, which allows all signals to pass through. Only later J-PAC boards have this facility. On older J-PAC boards you will need a replacement chip to enable this function. Please email for details.

The picture below shows a complete console to JAMMA setup.

dreamcast arcade adaptor